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H.E. Ambassador Lin Songtian Visits the Special Economic Zones in Cape Town

On November 6-7, 2017, Ambassador Lin Songtian paid visits to Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone and Hisense South Africa factory, and held a meeting with heads of local Chinese enterprises.

During the meeting with Chinese enterprises, Ambassador Lin spoke about the implementation of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and opening up a new stage of China-South African cooperation and China-Africa cooperation. He said that next year marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and South Africa, a new meeting of FOCAC will be held in Beijing, and the 10th BRICS summit will be held in South Africa. China-South Africa cooperation and China-Africa cooperation will usher in new opportunities for cooperation and development. He hoped that Chinese enterprises would tap the potential for cooperation, operate in accordance with the law, actively fulfill social responsibilities, and promote pragmatic cooperation of China-South Africa and China-Africa to a new level.

While investigating Hisense South Africa factory, Ambassador Lin was briefed about the production and operation, management mechanism, level of localization and social responsibility of Hisense, and fully affirmed operating performance of Hisense South Africa factory, its contribution to local economic, and its fulfillment of social development. Ambassador Lin mentioned four profound impressions of the visit: First, Hisense South Africa is a successful example of Chinese enterprises in South Africa, and is an encapsulation of capacity cooperation and development of China-South Africa and China-Africa. Second, Hisense South Africa insists on innovation, carefully building the brand, and boasts broad prospects for development. Third, management mechanism of Hisense South Africa is advanced. By introducing the incentive mechanism such as selecting model workers, the enthusiasm of local employees has been fully stimulated and mobilized. Fourth, Hisense South Africa promotes the localization strategy, actively gives back to society and gains a good reputation of the company. Hisense South Africa only have 35 Chinese employees, but creates a total of more than 2,700 jobs for local community, and creates earnings of more than 200 million US dollars every year.

While studying Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone, Ambassador Lin said that since China and South Africa have complementary advantages and great potential in ocean economy cooperation, the Chinese side is willing to support and encourage Chinese enterprises to invest in ocean economy of South Africa, and hopes that the Zone will continue to improve laws, regulations, policies and services, in order to attract more business investment.

The heads of local Chinese enterprises thanked Ambassador Lin for his visit to Cape Town and timely introduction of the 19th National Congress of the CPC, and expressed willingness to make new contribution to cooperation of China-South Africa and China-Africa. The head of Administrative Committee of Saldanha Bay Industrial Development Zone warmly welcomed Ambassador Lin's visit, and looked forward to more Chinese enterprises to come to carry out investment cooperation.

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