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Chinese Embassy Holds a Movie Reception of "Wolf Warrior 2"

On November 16, Chinese Embassy in South Africa held a movie reception "Wolf Warrior 2" at the SK Cinema in Pretoria. H.E. Ambassador Lin Songtian delivered a speech, and about 200 representatives attended the reception.

Ambassador Lin said that "Wolf Warrior 2" is an excellent Chinese film that carries forward patriotic enthusiasm and friendship between China and Africa. The fictional story of the film is a vivid demonstration of true feelings of Chinese people and African people facing new challenges in new era.

Ambassador Lin said that China and Africa have always been a community of shared future and common development. In the process of striving for national independence, promoting national construction and safeguarding common interests of developing countries, China and Africa have always worked together and fought side by side. Currently, China deploys over 2,600 peacekeeping personnel across the continent to carry out their UN peacekeeping missions. To eliminate poverty and achieve common prosperity, China-Africa mutually beneficial cooperation leads international cooperation with Africa. When Ebola outbreaks in the three West African countries, China was the first one to step out to help the three West African countries.

Ambassador Lin said that General Secretary Xi Jinping put forward the grand goal of building a better China and a better world in the 19th National Congress of the CPC. China will continue to fight side by side with African countries, including South Africa, to make new and greater contribution to realization of lasting peace and sustainable development in Africa.

The guests all spoke highly of the film, which demonstrated deep friendship between Africa and China, and that China is increasingly attaching greater importance to peace and security in Africa.

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