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Latest Notice of requirements for China-bound Passengers as Flights Resume

According to Civil Aviation Administration of China, the CA868 Johannesburg to Shenzhen flight will resume since February 3. The requirements for China-bound Passengers are updated as follows:

1. Lancet Laboratories will resume to be one of the designated testing facilities. After in-depth investigation and improvement of the relevant process, it is decided that Lancet will resume to be one of our designated testing facilities, all China-bound passengers can choose two nearby labs among Pathcare, Ampath and Lancet to take "Cross Double Tests".

2. Passengers who have injected Covid-19 vaccines are requested to upload relevant vaccination certificates (including vaccinator name, vaccine brand, date of vaccination, issuing authority) to the system along with testing results. Other requirements remain the same with Notice on the embassy website.

The Embassy appreciates your understanding and cooperation, and once again reminds the travelers the extreme risk in international travel during the epidemic. For those who have already taken the tests, please strictly stay home and self isolate until traveling.

                                                                                             The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in South Africa

                                                                                                                           29 January 2020

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