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Supplementary Notice of Adjusted Requirements on Testing and Quarantine for China-Bound Passengers
2021-10-26 22:46

In order to effectively curb cross-border transmission of COVID-19 and ensure smooth and orderly people-to-people exchanges between South Africa and China, a Closed-Loop Management (Centralized Quarantine) is required for all China-bound Passengers before departure. The detailed procedures and requirements are as follows:

Step 1. Self-Isolation

All passengers are required to  start a self-isolation two weeks before boarding and fill out the Personal  Health Monitoring Form on a daily basis. (For example, if you are going to take the CA868 flight on Wednesday, 15th September, you are supposed to step into a  strict self-isolation on 1st September. )

Step 2. First ‘Double tests’

All passengers are required to  take a nucleic acid test (PCR) and an IgM antibody test at one facility among  Ampath and Lancet on the 7th day,i.e., Wednesday (e.g. 8th September,) before boarding.

Passengers are requested to take a photo with passport info page in hand when taking the tests (clear face and  info page are needed).

NOTE:1. For the vaccinated, they should have completed vaccination (having had all the required doses of the  vaccine) for over 14 days to be eligible to have the first ‘double tests’.

2.Those vaccinated with two doses  of vaccine on the same day or have not been vaccinated in accordance with the  standard procedures shall be regarded as unvaccinated.

3.For those both vaccinated with  inactivated and activated vaccines, or vaccinated with inactivated vaccines over  6 months and tested positive with the IgM antibody test, please contact the  Embassy or the Consulate-General in advance to report the specific situation and  take corresponding tests as instructed by the the Embassy or the  Consulate-General.

4. For those who have recovered  from COVID-19 and then get vaccinated for over 14 days, they should go through  the procedure as stipulated in Step 5.2.

Step 3.Closed-Loop Management  (Centralized Quarantine)

Only the passengers who have  tested with qualified results are eligible to check into the Peermont Metcourt  Hotel, Emperors Palace in Johannesburg on the Saturday before boarding (e.g.  11th September), and are subject to a 5-day and 4-night "closed-loop" management  till the day of departure. To avoid cross infections, the passengers will be  separated into different groups at a particular period of time to check in. (For  check-in procedures, expenses, etc. please contact ZBHA SOUTH AFRICA GROUP (PTY)  LTD. )

Step 4. Second ‘Double tests’

A second ‘double tests’ will be conducted on site at the Peermont Metcourt Hotel a day before boarding.  Passengers who have tested with qualified results will then be eligible to  board.

Step 5. Application

5.1 Foreign passengers are required to log in the application program by visiting  https://hrhk.cs.mfa.gov.cn/H5/ or scan the following QR code, and upload the reports to the program, including the COVID-19 reports of both nucleic acid test and IgM antibody test of the two times (Step 2 and Step 4), passport info page, itineraries, testing photos (Ste2) and the filled Personal Health Monitoring Form.

Results need to be uploaded to  the Embassy or Consulate General in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg (the  consular districts are attached) according to the sample collecting site of the first test (Step 2) before 0900h of the day of departure.

QR Code for Application Program

5.2 The standard of healing for those who have been diagnosed or tested positive of COVID-19 and cured (or self-healed) should be a diagnosis of lung CT or X-ray report and the negative  reports of two PCR tests (at least 24 hours between the two tests). (Note: both  of the above-mentioned three reports need to be issued 6 weeks prior.)

With such reports in possession, one could go through two nucleic acid tests (at least 24 hours between the two  tests, done respectively at a facility among Ampath and Lancet and within 3 days  before submission for a pre-check).

One with negative reports of the  two tests should send the reports by e-mail for a pre-check to the Embassy or  Consulate General in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg (the consular districts  are attached) according to the sample collecting site of the tests. And the  Embassy or Consulate General will check to decide whether he or she is eligible  to step into the following procedure(i.e.step 1,2and 3).

5.3 Passengers who have taken  COVID-19 vaccines are requested to upload Letter of Commitment on COVID-19 and  relevant vaccination certificates (including name of the person, vaccine brand,  date of vaccination, issuing authority) to the program along with testing  results.

5.4 Application by those with  close contact history and suspected symptoms of COVID-19

Passengers who have history of  close contact with confirmed or suspected cases or have suspected symptoms of  COVID-19 need to go through a 14-day self-isolation and fill out the Personal  Health Monitoring Form on a daily basis. During the 14-day self-isolation,  nucleic acid tests need to be done respectively on the 1st, 4th and 7th day.  After the 14-day self-isolation, one should fill in and submit the Personal  Health Monitoring Form and the 3 reports of nucleic acid tests to the Embassy or  Consulate General in Durban, Cape Town, and Johannesburg (the consular districts  are attached) according to the sample collecting site of the tests.

The Embassy or Consulate-General  will then check to decide whether he or she is eligible to step into the  following procedure(i.e.step 2 and 3).

Important Reminders

1.The Embassy appreciates your understanding and cooperation, and once again reminds the travelers the extreme  risk in travel during the pandemic. "Non-essential, non-emergency, no travel "is strongly advised.

2. Passengers who fail to abide  by the management regulations will be deprived of qualifications to take the flight. A declaration form is required before checking into the hotel.

3. All the expenses for accommodation, meals, transportation, testing, etc. during the quarantine shall be covered by the passenger themselves.

4. Passengers from other countries or regions taking connecting flights to China, should apply for a  green code from the Embassy or Consulate General of the origin country before  entering South Africa and follow the aforementioned requirements.

The Chinese Embassy and Consulates General reserve the right for the interpretation of this notice.

Consular District of the Embassy and Consulate-Generals and the relevant information

1.Consular district of Chinese  Embassy includes Pretoria, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and North West provinces, and  Eswatini.

Email address of Chinese Embassy:  nflssf2@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0027-123428826,  0027-124316537

2.Consular district of Chinese  Consulate-General in Johannesburg includes Gauteng (excl. Pretoria) and Free  State.

Email address of Chinese  Consulate-General in Johannesburg: ccgjhb1@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0027-100100708

3.Consular district of Chinese  Consulate-General in Cape Town includes Western Cape, Northern Cape and Eastern  Cape provinces.

Email address of Chinese  Consulate-General in Cape Town: chinaconsul_ct_za@mfa.gov.cn

Phone Number: 0027-723096634

4.Consular district of Chinese  Consulate-General in Durban includes KwaZulu-Natal.

Email address of Chinese  Consulate-General in Durban: consulate_durban@mfa.gov.cn

Phone Number: 0027-315634731


Phone Number:0027-110814100


Phone Number:0027-619282298

                                       The Chinese Embassy in South  Africa

                                                26 October 2021

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