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Following American to Ban Huawei is Harming Others Without Self-Benefit

On February 21st, H.E. Mr. Lin Songtian, Chinese Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa met with Dr. Emmanuel De Groof, Policy Officer of European External Affairs Program from European Center for Development Policy Management and his colleagues. Ambassador Lin introduced China's Africa policy and practices, the China-Africa cooperation in science and technology innovation. Ambassador Lin exchanged ideas on US blanket ban on Huawei, reminding Europe not to follow suit in order to avoid harming others but not benefiting itself.

Ambassador Lin briefly introduced China-Africa and China-South Africa cooperation in science and technology, especially in the framework of BRICS and FOCAC. Ambassador Lin said that Huawei is not only a major participant but also an important contributor to China-Africa cooperation in the field of science and technology. The communication and information technology products provided and network infrastructure financed and built by Huawei can be found everywhere in African countries. Huawei has become the world's largest network equipment supplier and the leading supplier of global 5G network technology. It has provided and will be providing public goods to promote the rapid economic and social development in Africa and the rest of the world, facilitating them deeply integrated into the process of globalization.

Ambassador Lin said that frightened by Huawei's leading position in 5G network technology, and out of self-interest to maintain the so called “America First”, the United States abuses its hegemony and the reference of its domestic laws to take "long-arm jurisdiction" over Huawei and even instigated the kidnap of Huawei’s executive on unwarranted charges, which is not only a serious violation of the rule of law and the spirit of Contract advocated by the Americans themselves, but also immoral in every means. It will thus cut off the global value chain and supply chain, and seriously undermine and distort the international market order of fair competition.

Ambassador Lin said that Huawei’s patents from its leading 5G network technology innovation, belong to China, but will be shared by all mankind. Huawei will provide the most advanced and affordable technology support to all countries around the world to embrace and adapt themselves to the Fourth Industrial Revolution with the main characteristics of the internet technology, big data, artificial intelligence and shared economy. On the African continent, Huawei has been the main supplier of communication equipment, while European companies mainly from UK and France are the most important communication operators and beneficiaries. If Europe follows the suit of the US, Huawei will inevitably be hurt, and in result Europe has to pay a heavy price for its tech hysteresis .

Ambassador Lin stressed that blanket ban on Huawei by the US with the excuse of national security is groundless, out of common sense and illogical. The US led the Third Industrial Revolution with the invention of computers. Since then, the American have grasped the core technology of computer chips with the ability to open the "back door". But China and the rest of the world are not frightened to use US computers because we believe that Business Is Business. The US companies dare not to abuse its privilege. As computers become widely used and more suppliers joining in the market, should US willfully open the “back door”,will it lose consumers confidence, its market share and eventually be out of game. Likewise, even if Huawei had the technology and the privilege, will it take a risk to do the things that the US dare not to try? The Chinese government has always encouraged Chinese companies to operate overseas in accordance with local laws and regulations, and has never had any bad record of requesting any Chinese companies to be involved with activities either against local laws or business ethics. The malice of the US is unraveled.

Ambassador Lin emphasized that JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. We are glad to see that more and more western governments, media and people have spoken out rational and just words on the Huawei issue. According to a recent CNN public opinion poll, 61 percent of Americans believe the U.S. government's ban on Huawei is politically motivated. The Financial Times and other media in the UK, France, Germany and Italy have distanced themselves from the US in their reports and comments. It is China’s hope and belief that Europe could have a clear understanding of the situations and make the right judgment and decision on the issue so as to avoid harming others without benefiting itself.

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