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Ambassador Chen Xiaodong Talks Online with CEO Mr. Hilton Klein of Numolux, Sinovac's agent in South Africa

On July 14, 2021, the Chinese Ambassador to South Africa Chen Xiaodong talks online with Mr. Hilton Klein, CEO of Numolux Group Ltd. - the Sinovac's agent in South Africa.

Ambassador Chen spoke highly of Numolux's efforts in obtaining the emergency use authorization of the Sinovac vaccine with conditions in South Africa and recognized the good contributions made by Mr. Klein and his team in promoting China-South Africa vaccine cooperation. While affirming the great significance that the Sinovac vaccine, the first COVID-19 vaccine from China, has been approved by the South African government, he also expressed that the Chinese Embassy in South Africa is ready to make further efforts to promote the Sinovac vaccine to be rolled out in the country at an earlier date and jointly make new contributions to securing a victory over COVID-19.

Mr. Klein thanked the Chinese Embassy for its strong support and briefed Ambassador Chen on latest developments in the registration, clinical research, co-production and procurement of Sinovac vaccine in South Africa. Mr. Klein also added that he and Numolux are ready to make concerted efforts with the Chinese Embassy to ensure that Sinovac vaccine get delivered to his country to help all win the war against COVID-19 together.

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