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Five Cooperative Concepts of Common, Intensive, Green, Safe and Open Development have become New Consensus between China and Africa

The Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation(FOCAC) in last December was a great success. President Xi Jinping articulated the new concept and thinking of China's policy to Africa comprehensively and systematically and declared to implement Ten Cooperation Plans with Africa in the next three years driven by industrialization and agricultural modernization, which has been highly appreciated by African countries. The blueprint on China-Africa cooperation has been drawn, and the key now is on its implementation.

At present, the world economy is still going through sluggishness, leading to difficulties for the development of China and Africa and for China-Africa cooperation, but China-Africa cooperation continues to grow prosperously. The core elements of the Ten Cooperation Plans is to closely combine the development of China with assisting the development of Africa, so as to achieve win-win cooperation for common development. On July 29th, over 100 ministerial officials from 53 FOCAC members gathered in Beijing to discuss how to the implement the summit outcomes in a safe, orderly and efficient way under the new circumstances and to realize win-win cooperation for common development. Both sides agreed to continue to follow the guidance of the principles and values of China's Policy to Africa, including sincerity, practical results, affinity and good faith, upholding the values of friendship, justice and shared interests, and embrace five cooperative concepts of common, intensive, green and sustainable, safe and open development. The Five Cooperative Concepts have become the new consensus for the implementation of summit outcomes and cooperation between China and Africa in the future.

The five Cooperative Concepts are an integrated whole and serve as the guiding principle for China-Africa cooperation. It has been proposed innovatively by combining China's experience of reform and opening up with the new problems and issues in China-Africa cooperation.

Common development is the common goal of China-Africa cooperation. China and Africa have always belonged to a community of shared future which shares weal and woe and a mutually beneficial and win-win community of shared interests. We have always been together and helping one another in good times and bad times. China never seeks unilateral benefits in its cooperation with African countries and is willing to combine its own development with that of Africa, so that the results of cooperation can deliver maximum benefits to the two peoples. China hopes to make shared development and unity for progress the common choice of the Chinese people and African people.

Intensive development is an effective way for sustainable development of China-Africa cooperation.The implementation of the outcomes of the Johannesburg Summit and the promotion of China-Africa production capacity cooperation is a new thing for both sides and have no previous examples to follow. The two sides should kick off pioneering work in demonstration countries and pool resources to build demonstration zones, and combine simultaneously the construction of large infrastructure projects together with industrial development. The two sides will stand for economic and social benefits of the projects themselves and their self-sustainable development, so as to avoid bringing new debt and fiscal burden for African countries. Everyone knows that China contributed for the construction of TANZARA for Africa which has been written into the annals of history of China-African relations. Yet the status quo of TANZARA tells us that if there is no enough freight and passenger flow or effective operation, you are not sure to support the development of African countries in an effective way. On the contrary, it will become the financial burden of relevant countries. The concept of intensive development aims to prevent that from happening again. Under the guidance of this concept, the railway of Addis Ababa to Djibouti will be open to traffic soon, and the Mombassa-Nairobi railway line will be completed next year. The development of economic corridors along the two lines is in the making, which will greatly promote economic and social development of the two countries of Ethiopia and Kenya and of the region.

Green development is the direction forward for China-Africa cooperation. "Green mountains with clean water are themselves mountains of gold and silver". In developing cooperation with Africa, China pays more attention to green and sustainable development, and values eco-civilization cooperation and protection of wild animals and plants. Some doubt that China might transfer industries of high energy consumption and high pollution to Africa in its production capacity cooperation with Africa, and thus damage the environment of Africa. However, China has made a solemn commitment that China-Africa cooperation is environmentally friendly in nature. China is ready to work together with African countries to jointly protect the sound ecological environment of African countries, and will not undertake the old colonial path of looting and robbery, and China-Africa cooperation will never be pursued at the expense of Africa's eco-system and long-term interests.

Safe development is an important prerequisite of China-Africa cooperation. Without a peaceful and secure environment, there can be no cooperation and development. Africa expects China to play a bigger role in this respect. China will support the efforts by African countries to solve African issues by themselves, and help African countries to enhance capacity building in law enforcement departments such as border control, military and police, customs and taxation, to improve the ability of self maintainance of peace and stability, so as to create and safeguard peaceful, secure and orderly environment for China-Africa cooperation. China will encourage and guide Chinese enterprises in Africa to strengthen security risk awareness and the protection of their own security and interests, exercising strict control over investment risks in Africa. China also hopes that African countries could improve investment and business environment, and fully safeguard the safety of life and property and legal rights of Chinese enterprises and people in Africa.

Open development is an important driving force for China and Africa to promote harmonious and peaceful development. China-Africa cooperation is an important part of the cooperation of the international community with Africa. China has never sought to rival with others in the endeavor. What China hopes to do is to work together with the international community to jointly support peace and development in Africa with an active, open and inclusive attitude. The African people are the master of Africa, and therefore have the right to choose their partners and means for cooperation. We are willing to develop an"Olympic Games"with the theme of promoting Africa's development together with international community, where each party can leverage its distinctive strength to support Africa in realizing faster and better development.

The Five Cooperative Concepts have become the new consensus of implementing the summit outcomes and promoting China-Africa cooperation. Guided by the Five Cooperative Concepts, China-Africa can value friendship and justice as well as shared interests, move ahead on a steady course and achieve sustainable development.

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