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President Xi Jinping Speaks with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on the Phone

On the evening of 15 May, President Xi Jinping spoke with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on the phone.

Noting the rapid spread of COVID-19 in Africa, Xi said that under President Ramaphosa’s leadership, the South African government has adopted a series of response measures and achieved positive results. He said that China will continue to render South Africa firm support and as much assistance as its capacity allows and ramp up bilateral medical and health cooperation. China will maintain regular communication with South Africa and strengthen coordination on multilateral platforms such as the BRICS, the G20 and the United Nations, with a view to deepening the China-South Africa comprehensive strategic partnership and jointly safeguarding the fundamental interests of the two countries and the developing world.

Xi stressed that China and Africa enjoy profound traditional friendship and trust each other as good friends, good partners and good brothers. China feels keenly for African countries as they face the twin challenges from the virus and economic downturn. While still facing huge pressure in its own fight against COVID-19, China has sent a substantial amount of medical supplies in multiple batches to the African Union and African countries. China has also dispatched medical teams to African countries, held expert video conferences with the African side, and carried out exchanges on diagnostics and therapeutics without reservation.

China calls for more support from the international community to Africa and actively takes part in G20’s debt service suspension initiative. For China and Africa, it is more important than ever to work in unity to fight the disease and tide over difficulties. China will continue to stand firmly by its African brothers and sisters. The two sides also need to support the UN and the WHO’s active role in coordinating international cooperation against COVID-19. China will work with Africa to build an even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future.

Ramaphosa highlighted that South Africa and China have consensus on many issues and enjoy strong and warm relations. South Africa supports China’s positions on Taiwan and other issues concerning China’s core interests and will work closely with China to uphold the two countries’ common interests. He thanked China for its continued and valuable assistance and support to Africa, and pointed out that China is a true friend and reliable partner for South Africa and other African countries in times of difficulties and challenges. He underlined that the African Union and African countries firmly support the work of the UN and the WHO and their positive role in global cooperation on COVID-19 response.

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