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Wang Yi: BRICS Mechanism Enters a New Stage of "Three-Wheel Drive"

On August 30, 2017, when responding to the question raised by the journalist at the briefing for Chinese and Foreign media held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the Ninth BRICS Summit and Dialogue between Emerging Market Economies and Developing Countries, Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that the five BRICS countries got together with a shared goal of development, with the economic cooperation serving as the mainline of BRICS cooperation, which has brought tangible benefits to the people of the five countries. With the extension of cooperation, political and security cooperation has been gradually becoming an important part of BRICS cooperation. Relying on such mechanisms as the meeting of High Representatives for Security Issues and Foreign Ministers' Meeting, the five BRICS countries have strengthened communication and coordination on major international and regional issues, playing a unique and positive role in maintaining the world peace and stability.

Wang Yi said that entering in the "Year of China" for BRICS, China meticulously forges the outcomes of people-to-people and cultural cooperation and make people-to-people and cultural exchanges as the third pillar of BRICS cooperation while strengthening traditional cooperation in economy and political security. The significance of people-to-people and cultural cooperation lies in laying a solid public opinion and social foundation for BRICS cooperation. On this basis, the BRICS mechanism enters a new stage of "three-wheel drive" from the previous "two-wheel drive", with a more balanced structure and a better layout of cooperation. This will lay a more comprehensive and solid foundation for the future development of the BRICS mechanism, helping the second decade of BRICS cooperation go faster, steadier and further.

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