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South Africa: SA Students Attend Chinese Training Exchange Programme

TEN South African students are attending an international training exercise in China as part of a partnership between government and Huawei, the Chinese multinational networking and telecommunications company. The students have been selected to attend the exercise in the capital Beijing and Shenzhen, the major financial centre, as part of Huawei's annual Seeds of the Future. Department of Telecommunication's and Postal Services (DTPS) is a partner of the programme. Minister Siyabonga Cwele, wished the students well in Johannesburg ahead of their training in the Asian country. "As you embark on this journey remember you carrying hopes and dreams of this nation," Cwele said. During the two week study and cultural exchange trip to China, the students will receive training in cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, Long Term Evolution and cloud computing in Huawei's labs located in Beijing and the company's Shenzhen Headquarters. The global Seeds Programme runs in 96 countries, benefitting over 30 000 students. The South African students are drawn from universities across the country including Tshwane University of Technology, North-West University, Durban University of Technology, Central University of Technology and the Nelson Mandela University. Among the students is Mpho Anna Wittes (aged 23) whom Cwele urged to use new knowledge acquired in the development of country's 5G network. "I wish Mpho when you come back you will not only have a dream of owning a mobile smart phone but you will develop a first affordable smart phone for South African children," the minister said to applause. Cwele pledged support to students' contribution to building resilient fibre network to support the next generation technology of cloud data centres. Made possible through a longstanding partnership with the DTPS and supported by the Chinese Embassy, the Seeds Programme is Huawei South Africa's flagship corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. "Huawei sees skills development, transfer and training as critical. This will empower our youth to enter the formal job sector,"said Steven Wu, Chief Executive Officer of Huawei South Africa. "Participating students will have the opportunity to gain training alongside global peers in China, a place from where new technology giants are emerging."

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