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The Year of China in South Africa Enters into South Africa National Arts Festival
2015-07-28 17:51

As a cultural celebration of the Year of China in South Africa, Guangdong Province Puppet Art Troupe joined the 41th South Africa National Arts Festival from July 8th to 13th in Grahamstown and brought authentic puppet shows to South Africa audiences. During the festival, Guangdong Puppet Art Troupe not only performed in the theatre but also joined in the parade, celebrating the festival together with South African people. Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy Zheng Wen attended the event.

The traditional Chinese puppet shows, accompanied by the Chinese folk music, were warmly applauded by the audiences. Many local folks, the kids in particular, came to take photos with the artists and their fascinating puppets during the parade.

The Grahamstown National Arts Festival is one of the biggest in Africa. Each year, various ethnic groups of South Africa and art troupes from all over the world gather here to cerebrate this event, of which China has been an active participant.

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