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Chinese dancers wow S African festival crowds
2017-02-07 22:32

Party-goers attending an annual festival in the Western Cape of South Africa over the weekend enjoyed a unique treat as Chinese artists joined their local counterparts on stage.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture organized for the traditional dancers to perform in Mossel Bay at the Dias Festival, which in 2017 coincided with Chinese New Year under the lunar calendar. To celebrate, the audience was given the chance to enjoy a blend of Chinese and African culture.

The Dias Festival celebrates the landing of Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias in Mossel Bay in the 14th century. Dias and his fleet set out to find a trade route to India.

"We just can't miss celebrating this occasion because in 1488 Dias came to shore and met the South African indigenous people," said Anroux Marais, the Western Cape's minister of culture.

The festival has grown to attract large crowds and is a big driver of tourism and the economy.

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